JAG PROJECTS presents Honest Gravy

MARINARO will host a series of group shows curated by JAG Projects, run by Jesse Aran Greenberg, in the gallery’s sub-basement. Each show will focus around a common theme of which each artist offers their uniquely tangential offshoot.

Honest Gravy is a showcase of new work made with immediacy and impulse without direction or deadline, but rather with curiosity and compulsion. The show includes home cooked selections from Jordan Barse’s “doll-houses” constructed of household and family found materials—shoeboxes, tchotchkes and other collected middle school memorabilia to Brian Belott’s absurd yet highly evolved “fan puff “ works presenting an auxiliary variety of dye-plunged paper towel rolls. Emma Soucek presents meditatively applied paper pulp constructed collages, Marisa Takal includes genuine joy with drawing and a label maker, Astrid Terrazas’ shows pan-fictive and self narrative paintings, and Trevor Shimuzu’s “en plein air delayed” works show his loosely painted love for landscapes.