Fear Faire (organized by Nathaniel de Large)

When investigating the wheelchairs she finds hiding in the basement, we find a legend for hidden and spread bricks, which looms over 1 Oliver Street NYC. As soon as anyone finds the bricks, she or he has 30 days just to let it live. The life of the day seems to be very common, but when the picture is taken they look hot. A notable person feels like a sexy cockroach to touch. Lauren gets bricks, refusing to believe the superstition. A collage of images flashes to mind: balancing gulls on an offensive newspaper headline for a crash-crash, bucket wheelchairs for hooks, and drinking in a well-located creepy place. When Lauren informs her mother, he has a spray-like property, realizing that the free brick assault is true and calls in an organizer to help. Nathaniel explores the bricks and is ready to attack the scandal, he finds the same visions flashing before his eyes and joining the queue for excessive death. Nathaniel sends invitations to face the bricks.

Aspen Kincaid Barkev Gulesserian Bobo Bradford Kessler & Shpongle Christine Navin Colleen Tuite Craig Monteith Erik Wilson Fin Simonetti Gregory Kalliche Henry Gunderson Hugh Hayden Ignacio Gatica Jacques Vidal Jessie Stead Joey Frank & Daniel Kent Kristin Walsh McKeever Donovan Michael Assiff No School Orlando Estrada Paul Gabrielli Portia di Plastica Raphael Lyon Raque Ford Roxanne Yamins Ryan Foerster Taiyo Kimura